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Hope & Ivy is a contemporary British fashion brand created by Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm. Epitomised by beautiful embroidery and hand-drawn prints, Hope & Ivy  brings well-crafted and feminine pieces with a bohemian edge straight to your wardrobe.

At Hope & Ivy, they take a strong stance on creating a sustainable future. They are committed to providing customers with full transparency and to reducing their ecological footprint. They are hoping to introduce recyclable card wrapping and considering biodegradable options for their garment bags. They disagree with using materials that contribute to the exploitation or harm of animals. For example, they are against using silk as it is hard to trace its origin and causes harm to the worms that produce it. They do not take any waste lightly and they use all of their offcuts to make product gift bags.

Hope & Ivy are committed to making small changes that will have a big impact, becoming a more environmentally friendly brand as well as producing clothes that have a long fulfilling life of wear. 

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