Pilgrim Charm Crystal Pendant - I - Gold

Pilgrim Charm Crystal Pendant - I - Gold

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Simple and minimalist letter pendant with sparkling crystal stones, illustrating the letter I.

Let this unique and subtle pendant symbolize someone you love and highlight the pendant’s sweet and feminine look by allowing it to sparkle alone or combine it with other charms that have significance for you.

The pendant can be fixed to Pilgrim's classic necklaces such as the Nancy Necklace, and you can add and mix all the charms you want. The plate holding the letter features a beautiful, satin matt surface and is plated with real gold.

  • Gold-plated pendant with the letter I and Preciosa crystal
  • Cute little pendant with a letter and glitter detail
  • Measure 8 x 18 mm
  • Pendant with a feminine and personal look
  • with the letter I in beautiful crystals